Run Lola Run in 35mm

Mon, Apr 15 at 7:30PM

Main Auditorium - Wheelchair Accessible

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Grant Movie Club presents RUN LOLA RUN (1998) in glorious 35mm! Starring Franke Potente in the breakthrough, titular role, RUN LOLA RUN is a frenetic German thriller that doesn't stop moving—and all after small-time criminal Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) delivers some smuggled loot for his boss but leaves his 100K score in a subway car. With just 20 minutes to come up with the money, he calls his girlfriend, Lola, who sprints through the streets of Berlin to try to get the money before Manni does something desperate. RUN LOLA RUN swept the late '90s Indie world and made careers for Potente and director Tom Tykwer; don't miss an opportunity to see this thrilling print on the big screen!

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