Neptune Frost

Series: The Portland EcoFilm Festival

The Portland EcoFilm Festival is thrilled to present NEPTUNE FROST, a musical masterpiece of ecological Afrofuturism by Saul Williams and Unisia Uzeyman. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this film on the big screen, in the main auditorium of The Hollywood Theatre!

A group of escaped coltan miners forms an anti-colonialist computer hacker collective in the hilltops of Burundi. They soon attempt a takeover of the authoritarian regime that's exploiting the region's natural resources--and its people. NEPTUNE FROST holds many resplendent identities at once: It’s a musical; it’s an intersex narrative; it’s a technological allegory espousing anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist views. It’s a collective dream coated in a blue lacquer dancing on the edge of something transcendent.


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Wheelchair accessible
110 mins