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The Movie Quiz

The Movie Quiz is exactly what it sounds like – an evening of trivia for every kind of film fan. Your movie knowledge will be put to the test with questions about movies old, new, good, bad and everything in between! Can you identify a particular film from its soundtrack, dialogue or a screen cap? Can you spot your favorite actor just by what they said and looked like in a particular role? It’s time to justify all of the time spent watching and reading about movies by bringing your brain to The Movie Quiz and flexing that cinema-loving muscle!

Hosted by Mark The Quizmaster.

Whether it’s recent movie news, audio clips, movie montages, or visual puzzles, there’s something in there for movie fans of all ages, genres, and interests! No phones are allowed during play, so you’ll have to rely on your very own brain to help you with all the answers.

The Movie Quiz is broken into 2 halves, with each half containing 4 individual rounds. After each half, your scorecards will be marked and given back to you, along with a rundown of the answers from the previous 4 rounds. This means there will be a brief intermission (15-20) minutes after the first 4 rounds where you can get a snack, take a bathroom break, discuss how well you think you did, or just settle back and enjoy the intermission entertainment on the big screen. Once the final scores have been tallied and announced, the prizes will be distributed to the top three teams!