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1984 – The Year in Videos

1984 – The Year in Videos
1984 - depicted in George Orwell’s novel as a dystopian nightmare, the actual year turned out to be quite different:
The USA hosted the Olympics, Breakin' was the hottest dance craze, American optimism was at an all time high.
A generation turned on MTV and fell in love with an eccentric siren who just wanted to have fun, five fashionable Brits with impeccable taste, an androgynous genius from Minnesota who played guitar like Jimi Hendrix, a crucifix adorned sex symbol, 70s soul stars, heavy metal and working class rock.
So let’s travel back to what some say was the greatest era of music videos EVER.  We will be playing as many hits as we can in two hours: from Scorpions to Siouxsie, The Bangles to Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner to Twisted Sister, and everything else we can squeeze in. Plus a few 1984 VJ moments and movie previews in between.

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