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Mississippi Records Music & Film

A People’s History of North American Music

A People’s History of North American Music
A new lecture / film / slideshow that attempts to tell the entire history of North American music in ninety minutes!

Mississippi Record label and store founder Eric Isaacson will guide you through this whirlwind presentation of archival film, sound clips and images.

Subjects include: 

- Examples of industrialization devolving the human race to become dumber while other animals are getting smarter.
- The insane early American Puritan's visions of a utopian musicless society.
- How The Church Of Scientology saved the record industry.
- The personal traumatic history of Mississippi Records founder and how it led him to declare war on the record and tech industries.
- Hopeful messages about the future.

Overall, it's the story of how the powers that be are trying to control music and how people find ways to work outside of puritans, corporations and tech lords' systems despite these social engineers' best efforts.

Don't worry, it's a fun telling of this tale with lots of great music, images and wild stories. 

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Thursday, September 5th