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Poster PDXLAFF 2014About Portland Latin American Film Festival:
Portland Latin American Film Festival (PDXLAFF) serves the community as a non-profit cultural promoter under the guidance of the Hollywood Theatre. We are dedicated to showcasing perspectives of Latin American culture through an exploration of Latin film and increasing the visibility of Latin American cinema locally. PDXLAFF presents films with universal appeal that can be enjoyed by native Spanish, Portuguese, and English speakers, and other lovers of the Latin culture.

Upcoming screenings:

Thursday, September 4th, 7:00 PM  |  $9
Gimme the Power by Olallo Rubio / MEXICO / 2012 / 101 min.

“Rockumentary” contextualizes Mexico City’s rap-metal quartet Molotov

Synopsis: This film provides a pop-historical overview of rock music’s role in Mexico’s social protests across the latter half of the 20th century, which led to the emergence of Molotov. A politically-charged band incorporating Spanglish, humor, and obscenities, Molotov rocked Mexico’s popular music scene with its 1997 debut album ¿Dónde jugarán los niños?, which remains the most censored album in the history of Mexican music. Directed by influential radio personality Olallo Rubio (This is Not a Movie), the film interweaves Molotov’s story with the tragicomedy of Mexican history for a rapid, timely, and entertaining film experience.

About the Director:
Olallo Rubio grew up in San Diego and Mexico City.  He began his media career in 1995 at the age of 17, working as a DJ/host for Mexico’s number one rock radio station at the time: Radioactivo 98.5 FM; in 2002, he became the managing director of the station. During Olallo’s radio years, he fought for freedom of speech by challenging government and corporate censorship.

In 2007, he made the Mexican documentary So, What’s Your Price?, which screened in Central Park in New York City, the Latino Film Festival in San Francisco, the Havana Film Festival and the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Since then, he’s made three more films: the surreal, psychedelic, existential feature This is Not a Movie (scored by Slash), Gimme the Power, and National Dream.

About Molotov:
Molotov is a four-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Mexican rock band formed in Mexico City in September of 1995. Their lyrics feature a mixture of Spanish and English, rapped and sung by all members of the group. Musically, Molotov blends heavy bass lines with heavy guitar riffs. Many songs, such as Gimme the Power and Frijolero, are politically inspired, addressing issues such as disenfranchisement within Mexico and immigration in the United States. The band’s lyrics are risqué, playful, and frequently aggressive.


La jaula de oro foto 01Thursday, October 2nd, 7:00 PM, Screening and Concert Fundraiser  |  $12
The Golden Dream (La Jaula de Oro) by Diego Quemada-Díez / MEXICO / 2013 / 102 min.

Synopsis: Juan, Sara, and Samuel, all 15 years old, flee from Guatemala towards the USA. On their journey through Mexico they meet Chauk, a Tzotzil Indian who does not speak Spanish and has no official documents. They all believe they will find a better world beyond the USA-Mexico border but run into a harsh reality.

• Amiens International Film Festival 2008, Script Development Fund
• Ibermedia Program, Development and Coproduction Funds
• Morelia International Film Festival 2010, Script Cine Qua Non Lab Workshop
• Cannes Film Festival 2010, Cinéfondation L’Atelier Selection
• Rome Film Festival 2010, New Cinema Network (NCN)
• Sacatar Foundation Brasil, Artistic Residence Program
• Bohemian Foundation, Development Support Program

9:00 PM: Live music by Martin Zarzar, from Lima Peru. Zarzar is a song writer, arranger, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has produced two solo albums, and can be heard on many other productions, including six albums with the acclaimed group Pink Martini. His solo work has won several awards and has been well received among critics, musicians, and audiences alike. His work is inspired by his multi-cultural upbringing, travel, and a commitment to an open and pluralistic society with equal opportunity for all. Martin was born in Lima, Peru, where he studied Peruvian percussion, solfege, piano, guitar, and drums with several teachers, and rock and roll from the radio. His family lived in several countries in Europe as well as in the U.S.,  where Zazar continued to play and study music, eventually winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Mass. Martin began performing professionally at the age of 15, and has worked with many prominent groups and musicians, including Simon Shahin, Jamey Haddad, Oscar Stagnaro, Essiet Essiet, Al-Andalus Ensemble, John Butler, Eugene Skeef, Women of the World, Leo Blanco, Benny Green, Rufus Wainwright, Mario Frangoulis, Edna Vazquez, Mario Díaz, Dave Eggar, and many others.


Del amor y otros demonios posterThursday, November 13th, 7:00 PM  |  $9
Of Love and Other Demons (Del Amor y Otros Demonios) by Hilda Hidalgo / 2009 / Costa Rica – Colombia – Spain / 95 min.

Synopsis: Based on the novel by Gabriel García Márquez, this is the heartbreaking tale of a young noblewoman believed to be possessed by the Devil. Sierva María is the 13-year-old daughter of a marquis who was raised by African slaves in colonial Cartagena in an era of inquisition and slavery. She wants to know what kisses taste like. When a rabid dog bites her, Father Cayetano is ordered to perform the exorcism. However, the priest and the girl are seduced by a demon even more powerful than faith and reason.

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