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The Hollywood Theatre commemorates visionary queer filmmaker Derek Jarman and the 25th anniversary of his death with a new 2K restoration of BLUE (1993).

The final film by Derek Jarman, BLUE presents a single static image of the color blue – as Jarman’s vision was limited to the color blue due to AIDS-related blindness in his last months – while a soundscape made up of music, sound effects, and voiceover (including that of Tilda Swinton) convey his associations with blue and his musings on living with and dying from the disease.

Complex despite its simplicity and released four months before Jarman’s death, BLUE is a beautiful and compelling last will and testament of a powerful artist.

Free to Hollywood members. Guest passes accepted.

Director Derek Jarman
Year 1993
Format Digital
Wheelchair accessible No
Assistive Listening Yes
Runtime 1hr 19m


Wednesday, August 14