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Mondo Trasho

Barb Wire

Barb Wire
Mondo Trasho worships at the altar of Pamela Anderson and BARB WIRE (1996)! Based on the Dark Horse Comics character, BARB WIRE is set during the Second American Civil War of 2017, and its titular star (Pamela Anderson) owns a nightclub when she isn't moonlighting as a mercenary. After Dr. Corrina Devonshire (Victoria Rowell) ropes her into a top-secret government plot involving biological weapons, Barb reunites with her old flame Axel (Temuera Morrison) and finds herself fighting for freedom. Panned on its release, BARB WIRE has since been championed as a cult classic not unlike BARBARELLA, starring one of our culture's most compelling heroines in an action-packed thrill ride.
Director: David Hogan
Run time: 98 mins
Format: Digital

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Saturday, July 27th