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Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise
Thirty years ago, on June 16th, one of cinema's most well-rendered and long-smoldering love stories began its first chapter. After witnessing an older couple arguing on a train ride to Budapest, Jesse and Celine (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) strike-up a conversation that would continue with each other, and with moviegoers, for decades. They get off in Vienna where they have just a single together to explore their connection. 
Unencumbered by familiarity of place, inspired by the city, and living in an era without the existentially-isolating distraction of smartphones, they are able to focus the full force of their swooning chemistry on one another as they fast-track the "getting to know you" without even knowing if they'll be able to see each other again.
Join us on June 16th (the day BEFORE SUNRISE) to celebrate Richard Linklater's ode to the sparks that fly when young love is able to live in the moment. 

Director: Richard Linklater
Run time: 101 mins
Format: Digital

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