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A Tribute to Roger Corman

Bucket of Blood & Little Shop of Horrors Double Feature

Bucket of Blood & Little Shop of Horrors Double Feature
A Roger Corman double feature! A 35mm print of BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959, 66 minutes) and a restoration of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960, 70 minutes).

BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959) - At a beatnik cafe, a dimwitted busboy (Dick Miller) passes off a cat he accidentally killed and covered in plaster as a sculpture, prompting a demand for more art that compels him to commit murders.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960) - A clumsy young man working at an impoverished flower shop discovers that the strange plant he has been nurturing has an insatiable appetite for blood, forcing him to kill to feed it. Starring Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph and Jack Nicholson.
Director: Roger Corman
Run time: 138 mins
Format: 35mm

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Monday, August 26th