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Deadbeat At Dawn
The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a restoration of this 1988 ultimate guerrilla filmmaking triumph!

Jim Van Bebber’s shot-on-16mm masterpiece came careening out of Dayton, Ohio in 1988 like a runaway lawnmower blade, setting the standard for all nihilist street-gang movies to follow. Van Bebber wrote, directed, did stunts and makeup effects, and starred in this raucous tale of Goose; a former gang leader whose girlfriend is killed when he leaves the thug life behind. As he’s pulled back into the gang, Goose exacts his head-crushing, throat-ripping revenge. Visceral, relentlessly violent, and fearless, Van Bebber quite literally put his life on the line making this movie, a true testament to independent filmmaking!
Director: Jim Van Bebber

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Tuesday, July 23rd