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Wyrd War Presents!

Escape From New York with Alan Howarth!

Escape From New York with Alan Howarth!
Join Wyrd War for the inauguration of their second annual fantasy synthesizer & cinema festival, THE DUNGEON IS ALIVE, with a screening of John Carpenter’s sci-fi action thriller ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981), followed by a live concert by Carpenter’s former recording associate Alan Howarth.

Doors open at 5:00pm for Wyrd War's Dungeon Market in the upstairs lobby. Film starts at 8:00pm.

The legendary composer and sound designer Alan Howarth will perform a medley of soundtrack classics that he helped bring to the big screen, including haunting themes from HALLOWEEN III (1982), CHRISTINE (1983), THEY LIVE (1988) and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986)!

Boasting an all-star cast including Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, Isaac Hayes, Adrienne Barbeau and Harry Dean Stanton, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK is a quintessential 80s dark future masterpiece. Kurt Russell stars as Snake Plissken, an outlaw former Special Forces soldier who is offered full presidential pardon to rescue the President of the United States after Airforce One is hijacked by insurgents and crashed behind the walls of a lawless maximum security prison. Taut, tense and more fun than any high octane exploitation flick has the right to be, it is time to escape the summer heat and...ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK...with Alan Howarth!
Director: John Carpenter
Format: Digital

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Thursday, August 1st