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It Came From Japan! in 16mm

It Came From Japan! in 16mm
It Came From Japan! Several episodes of Takusatsu madness from The 47th Cinema Archive, all on glorious 16mm film (roughly 90 minute running time).

First, a behemoth attacks and sinks a large fishing vessel. Its lone survivor wakes ashore on an isolated island and finds that the monster is worshiped as the island’s god, SUDAR, in this episode of ULTRA Q from 1966.

Then, from 1971, the giant cyborg Spectreman battles Dr. Gori, the brilliant and evil Space Ape who, exiled from his home world, wants our planet for his own. Joining Gori’s attack on the world is Hederon, the Kaiju that Gori creates from the overflowing garbage of Tokyo.

Finally a surprise show in Japanese. This one has everything: A cyborg space sheriff with a light saber ,a band of insanely coiffed intergalactic baddies including a robot with lobster claws and a flying, detachable head! Again, this is the only episode that is NOT in English, but it’s so packed with nonstop action and wackadoo special effects that you won’t notice that once it gets rolling.
Run time: 90 mins
Format: 16mm

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