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The Blues Society

The Blues Society
In the segregated South of the 1960s, Blues masters and Beatniks created The Memphis Country Blues Festival (1966-1970), an event that rocked the foundations of a conservative world. This documentary weaves together hypnotic and unforgettable performances, creating a moving image mixtape that both celebrates the music and re-evaluates the era.

Memphis Blues players Furry Lewis and Robert T. Wilkins should be household names, and their musical performances in the film are riveting. Their work inspired The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and generations of rock stars. The festival organizers wanted to celebrate and learn from these Blues heroes. Directed by Augusta Palmer, the daughter of one of the festival organizers, The Blues Society is a kaleidoscopic documentary that asks viewers to draw their own conclusions about the events presented.
Director: Augusta Palmer
Format: Digital

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