Cinescopio 2014 web posterCinescopiowebposterCinescopio is a new original film series produced by Fusionarte in partnership with the Hollywood Theatre. Devoted to screening Latin American classic cinema from the Golden Era of Film, Cinescopio is a three month winter festival that screens every third Thursday in January, February and March at 7pm.

For their inaugural season, Cinescopio will explore the world of Lucha Libre (Masked Wrestlers) through film, curated panel discussions with special appearances by luchadores and luchadoras (male and female masked wrestlers) from Oregon. Films are in Spanish with English subtitles.

Fusionarte is an organization committed to promoting Latin American arts and culture through educational programming and cultural events. Fusionarte has three programs: Fusionarte Radio—a KBOO Spanish language radio show devoted to arts and culture and music (90.7Fm); Cinescopio—Latin American Classic Cinema film series at the Hollywood Theatre; and Fusionarte Youth Leadership Program—a program designed to teach leadership skills through arts education to Latino youth. To connect with Fusionarte visit their blog or contact Joaquin Lopez at 503-997-2275.

Cinescopio Schedule:


Shot in Guanajuato, Mexico, the town that brings us one of the world’s most celebrated Latin American art festivals—The International Cervantino Festival,   SANTO VS THE MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO delivers a world of top notch pop-culture film kitsch complete with walking dead mummies and classic horror B-movie fight sequences and screams.

This Lucha Libre classic is one of the most celebrated films in the genre. It features the muggings of a handsome dwarf named Pinguino, fainting society ladies with tall bouffants, a ranchera cabaret performance (out of nowhere), and the hypnosis of a supermodel thin plot.  Revolving around the vengeance of a defeated masked wrestler named Satan who lives mummified in a mummy museum, The Mummies of Guanajuato takes us through an awesome super hero adventure featuring Mexico’s Lucha Libre icons from the 60’s and 70’s: Santos, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras.

Campy and mythic, this Lucha Libre film is a timeless gem with B-movie production values at their best. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

February 20th at 7pm: Double Feature: SANTO VS THE MARTIANS and VIVA LUCHA LIBRE (Documentary)


Filmed in glorious black and white, this 1966 classic Santos film launches us into a world of 60’s science-fiction action adventure. The film captures our imagination with blonde beefcake shirtless Martians and hypnotic voluptuous Martian women clad in gold lamay space suits with capes! Watch out Wonder Woman! They’re planning to take over the world! And, speak perfect Spanish!

The film is decked with entertaining wrestling matches, a campy B-movie script with actors who did not graduate from the Académie Royale d’Art Dramatique; this here is acting with a capital A, thank you! Santo vs the Martian Invasion is a wonderful Mexican pop culture throwback that takes us into a world of good versus evil, selfless fighting for the betterment of the world, and good ol’ fashion family fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

followed by VIVA LUCHA LIBRE (Documentary)

Shot in Mexico City, Tijuana and Los Angeles, Viva Lucha Libre reveals to the viewer that this once considered low brow sport of lucha libre proves to be much richer in history, iconography, and pop culture significance than expected. From the provident origins of the mask to the outrageous antics of the luchadores, Viva Lucha Libre captures the appeal of lucha libre in a visceral way. Instead of stealing its mysterious power through unmasking, Viva Lucha Libre defies the sport’s own mythology, revealing much about its mysterious identity while increasing its allure.

A secretive society for decades, the true story of lucha libre is brought to life in Viva Lucha Libre, a fascinating look behind the scenes and beyond the masks of history’s greatest lucha libre performers. Discover how lucha libre has influenced cinema, graphic design, art and music around the world. Fast paced, fun and informative Viva Lucha Libre is the definitive documentary about one of the world’s most intriguing ways of life.



Photos with wrestlers and fashion show starts at 6:30pm!

This month Cinescopio launches us into the world of a mad scientist and his incredible MONSTERS in this wonderful 1969 movie!

Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters is a classic film filled with an opening 8-minute wrestling match, high octane fight sequences and a line-up of our very favorite movie-land monsters: the Vampire, Frankenstein, the Wolf-Man, the Mummy, voluptuous Vampire Women, Cyclops and more! Will Santo and Blue Demon save the world from mad scientist Bruno Halder’s master plan to conquer the world and reign terror? Join us and find out!


Take pictures with Portland’s very own Luchadores from 6:30pm-7pm. All pictures may be seen at


On this spectacular night Portland’s very own Wrestling Church collaborates with Cinescopio to present a pre-show fashion show to be judged by audience applause and monster noise! Wear your mask, your fanciest get-up and strut your stuff! Fun prizes include tickets to Hollywood Theatre and Milagro and gift certificates to La Bonita Restaurant.


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