Pedro Infante (color)Cinescopio is a film series presented by Fusionarte in partnership with the Hollywood Theatre. Devoted to screening Latin American classic cinema from the Golden Era of Film, Cinescopio is a winter festival that will screen three movies on Thursday March 5th, Saturday March 28th (matinee) and Wednesday April 15th.

For their second season, Cinescopio will explore the world of one of the greatest actors of the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema: Pedro Infante. A Latin American idol, he sits with actors/crooners Jorge Negrete and Javier Solis as Los Tres Gallos Mexicanos (The Three Roosters). Although his reign on the silver screen was short lived (1939-1957), his timeless films continue on in the hearts of Latin America blending romance, adventure, and song. They also bring critical light to social issues that are still relevant in Mexico and Latin America today—racism, classism and socioeconomic disparity. His beloved character Pepe “El Toro” (Pepe “The Bull”) carries on in the collective imagination of Latin America as an archetype of an urban working class hero fighting the inequities of life.

Cinescopio will honor Pedro Infante through film, after-show panel discussions, family activities and a musical presentation. Films are in Spanish with English subtitles.

Cinescopio Schedule:

March 5 at 7:30pm: NOSOTROS LOS POBRES

Filmed in 1948, NOSOTROS LOS POBRES is perhaps one of the most iconic of Pedro Infante’s films and the first installment of the trilogy of Pepe “El Toro.” It marks the beginning of the cinematic collaboration with celebrated Mexican director Ismael Rodriguez. A drama, Nosotros Los Pobres launched Infante’s career as a leading man in Mexican cinema iconizing the character Pepe “El Toro” (Pepe “The Bull”)—a handsome, debonair working class hero who struggles and endures life’s trials and tribulations. Set in a vecindario (a working class neighborhood), Pepe is a poor, honest carpenter and single father raising his daughter to the best of his abilities. Family secrets, gossipmongers and the occasional break out into song, this film entertains with moments of high melodrama, comedy and tragedy. It is in this movie that the song Amorcito Corazon found its place within the hearts of Latin American audiences.

March 28 at 2:00pm: ATM ¡A TODA MAQUINA!

Filmed in 1951, ATM ¡A TODA MAQUINA! is a comedy starring Pedro Infante and crooner Luis Aguilar directed by Ismael Rodriguez. Pedro Infante plays Pedro Chavez, a poor working class man who befriends Luis Macias played by Luis Aguilar, a man with means. Through a series of events and to the chagrin of Luis Macias, Pedro Chavez moves into his apartment and makes himself at home. Both men embark on a love/hate friendship filled with adventure and misadventure as they both attempt to further their careers and posts with the Mexico City Transit Police. In this film we see Chavez inexpertly navigate high society yet sublimely swoon the ladies with his bilingual version of Besame Mucho. The film features the lost art of the synchronized motorcycle brigade!

April 15 at 7:30pm: PEPE “EL TORO”

The last of the Pepe “El Toro” saga (also directed by Ismael Rodriguez), this film continues the story of Pepe “El Toro.” Through a series of events, he reunites with childhood friend and famed boxer named Lalo Gallardo. Winning his trust, Pepe borrows money from him to build a furniture factory and make a better life for himself. Once Pepe sets up shop and begins to pay back his debt, city officials close down his factory and take away all his equipment. Penniless, he decides to take on boxing to make money on the side. He finds success as a boxer creating a following of devoted fans only to find himself in a fateful stand off in the boxing ring between him and his faithful friend, Lalo Gallardo.

Fusionarte is a volunteer run organization committed to promoting Latin American arts and culture through educational cultural events. Fusionarte has two ongoing programs: FA Radio—a KBOO Spanish language radio show devoted to arts, culture and music (90.7Fm), and Cinescopio—a Latin American Classic Cinema film series at the Hollywood Theatre. In April at the Q Center, Fusionarte will present FUSE ME/collect-relate-integrate—a multi-disciplinary one day showcase featuring Latina artists. To connect with Fusionarte visit the their website at or contact Joaquin Lopez at 503-997-2275.

 *Cinescopio is funded in part by the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

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