Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival screens 35mm prints from the exploitation heyday of the 1970′s and early 80′s. Genres covered include horror, crime, blaxploitation, sexploitation,  hicksploitation, revenge films, biker films and more. Vintage 35mm trailers play before each film. In addition to being a cinematic study, this series is also a sociological study of the time period these movies came out of. Some of the movies are offensive, some are sexist, some are excessively violent. It’s the responsibility of the series to show these films, even if some of them are extremely controversial. Dan Halsted, the Hollywood’s Head Programmer, is the organizer and founder of the Grindhouse Film Festival. He is passionate about the caliber of the films in this series and believes they are an important part of cinema history that deserve to be seen on the big screen in their original format, 35mm film.

twinsofevilposterOn Tuesday October 28th at 7:30pm, the Grindhouse Film Festival celebrates the month of our dark lord with a HAMMER HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE! Rare 35mm prints of two classic Hammer horror films: Twins of Evil (at 7:30) and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (at 9:30). Only $8 for both movies. Hail Satan! Advance tickets are here.

Twins of Evil (1971) In a small town in 19th century England, a religious fanatic (Peter Cushing) leads the villagers on relentless witch-hunts, suspecting young women of witchcraft and burning them at the stake. When his twin teenage nieces come to live with him, one of them is erotically drawn to a devil-worshiping Count who is obsessed with resurrecting a beautiful female vampire from the dead. As the girl falls under the Count’s spell, Peter Cushing grabs his axe and wooden stakes, and we head toward a gothic showdown of good vs. evil.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969) Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) is once again on his crazed quest to reanimate the dead. This time around, his plan is to break into a mental asylum to carve out a patient’s brain and transplant it into another body. At this point in the Hammer canon, Cushing had developed the role of Baron Frankenstein from ambitious scientist to sadistic madman, and he plays the role to the hilt.

35mm blasphemous, satanic horror trailers before each movie!



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