Kung Fu Theater

Shaolin monks. Animal fighting styles. Flying guillotines. Old school sound effects. White-haired villains with maniacal laughter. This is Kung Fu Theater. Rare 35mm prints of Hong Kong action films from the 1970’s and 80’s, presented by Hollywood Theatre programmer Dan Halsted.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to saving these films and presenting them to modern audiences.

magicbladeposterOn Tuesday March 10th at 7:30pm, Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm prints of THE BASTARD SWORDSMAN (at 7:30) and THE MAGIC BLADE (at 9:30). Advance tickets are strongly recommended, and are available here.

BASTARD SWORDSMAN (1983) Every ten years, the Wu Tang Clan has a duel with their rival clan. The chief of the Wu Tang has devoted his life to learning “The Silkworm Technique” of sword fighting, but has failed to master it. At the same time, an orphan in the clan is refused in his requests to learn martial arts until a masked stranger begins training him. Before long, all roads will converge in wild high-flying sword fighting excitement (complete with laser beams). If you’ve never seen two kung fu masters battle it out inside a large flying cocoon, here’s your chance.

THE MAGIC BLADE (1976) Ti Lung stars as a superior swordsman who wears a poncho and uses a sword with a spinning blade. He’s forced to team up with a rival swordsman (Lo Lieh) in order to fend off attacks by an evil Lord who is searching for the mystical “Exploding Wu Tang Peacock Dart”. An onslaught of swordplay action ensues, as our hero encounters ninjas who hide in tree trunks, a human chess game, and the snaggle-toothed “Devil Grandma”. Drenched in style by director Yuen Chor, and heavily influenced by Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, if you want wild-style swordplay action, accept no substitute






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