Kung Fu Theater

Shaolin monks. Animal fighting styles. Flying guillotines. Old school sound effects. White-haired villains with maniacal laughter. This is Kung Fu Theater. Rare 35mm prints of Hong Kong action films from the 1970’s and 80’s, presented by Hollywood Theatre programmer Dan Halsted.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to saving these films and presenting them to modern audiences.

easterncondorsposter2On Tuesday June 9th at 7:30pm, Kung Fu Theater presents a rare 35mm print of Sammo Hung’s martial arts masterpiece EASTERN CONDORS. Advance tickets are strongly recommended, and are available here.

EASTERN CONDORS (1987) It’s the Kung Fu Dirty Dozen!  A motley group of Chinese prisoners (all kung fu experts) are given a long-shot chance for freedom. They are sent on a deadly mission deep into Vietnam to destroy a weapons arsenal left behind by the US. The group, including martial arts superstars Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Master Yuen Woo Ping, hook up with a trio of female freedom fighters. The ragtag group has to use their kung fu skills in the jungle to fight dozens of enemies, endure double crosses, and invade a secret lair. None of that compares though to the blistering jaw-dropping finale, featuring some of the most wince-inducing stunt work ever put on film. Directed by Sammo Hung.






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