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A monthly series of events curated by Mississippi Records.  Events include film showings, live music and lectures featuring artists close to the heart of Portland’s Mississippi Records label and shop.  Artists and collaborators featured this year include Philip Cohran, The Alan Lomax Archive, Dead Moon, Michael Hurley, the Academy Film Archive, and many many more.




The Saddest Music In The World
With director Guy Maddin in attendance and a short opening set with Michael Hurley
Friday, March 25 at 7:30pm  |  $12  |  Buy advance tickets here.

The Mississippi Records Music and Film Series is back with a masterpiece of modern cinema – Guy Maddin’s THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD.  A mythic film about a beer baroness with glass legs in Prohibition era Winnipeg who holds a contest to see who can play the saddest song in the world. Folks come from all over to compete – everyone from African drummers to a Chinese flautist to a pale mysterious European cellist to an over the top American musical number. Stars Isabella Rossellini and Mark McKinney. A pretty funny movie about sadness – perfect for the Portland winter.

In attendance to talk about the film will be Guy Maddin himself.  One of the most truly original minds working in film today – we are incredibly honored to have him here.  As an added bonus, Michael Hurley will be performing a short set before the film to set the mood just right.

The Mississippi Records Music and Film series will continue through the next 4 months after this with some great shows and amazing guest directors and musicians in attendance.



A Tribute to Andy Kaufman
Thursday, April 21 at 7:30pm  |  $9  |  Buy advance tickets here.

It may seem odd for this to be a part of the Mississippi Records Music and Film Series, but believe it or not, Andy Kaufman was one of the seminal influences on Mississippi Records aesthetic. He was a truly great musician as well as a performance artist.  Andy classified himself as a “song and dance man” – and it was true.Andy brought true art into the mainstream medium of television.  He made us question the nature of reality, truth and beauty.  He was a sage and a seer and this evenings program aims to re-contextualize Andy as the brilliant philosopher and musician he truly was.The program will feature many surprises and revelations.  Amongst the happenings of the evening will be special guests, the absolute best of Andy’s TV appearances and a showing of Andy’s favorite cartoons.

For fans of chaos, beauty, spirituality, and art – A not to be missed one time event.


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