B Movie Bingo


Every first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm we play B-MOVIE BINGO at the Hollywood Theatre, a game that is exactly like it sounds. OR MORE. It’s simple. We play bingo to the most awesome movie cliches ever committed to celluloid, like: “LONG BORING SCENE OR MALE PONY TALE,” “TEAMED UP WITH ROOKIE OR ANIMAL ” and “WHITE SUIT OR TROPICAL ENDING.” For maybe the first time in a theater, see the relatives and employees of A-list actors you know and love like Sylvester Stallone, whose brother bears a remarkable resemblance to him. Compete for prizes! Yell at your fellow movie nerds over the elusive and mysterious “BLANK SQUARE!” Relax: it’s B-MOVIE BINGO.


Watch the B-Movie Bingo trailer created by Blue Chalk Media:

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