Rent the Venue

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We are currently booked through July of 2024. We are only able to accommodate private rentals during off-hours (11am-6pm on weekdays) until August of 2024 or thereafter.

The Theatre's Rental Program grants access to the theatre via a four-wall rental to organizations, filmmakers, and other individuals who wish to present a film that is in line with our mission and image. Event requests are vetted through our programming staff to ensure continuity with our current offerings.

Standard rental rates are $1,000 per hour for our main auditorium (max capacity 384), and $700 per hour for our upstairs auditorium (max capacity 111), with a two-hour minimum commitment. Substantial discounts are available for nonprofits and local filmmakers. All rentals include a qualified projectionist to exhibit the film, online and box office ticketing, as well as access to the concessions stand.

Approved rental events are presented by outside individuals and organizations, rather than the theatre. While ticket sales are frequently run through our ticketing system, ticket prices are set by the renter and ticket sales (minus nominal fees) are the renter’s to keep. The Rental Program provides the community with access to one of Portland’s most unique and recognizable venues and is primarily for local independent filmmakers premiering their new work, fellow nonprofits in need of space to host a fundraising event, and community organizations wanting to educate the public about environmental, health, or social issues through film.

*Please note that the Hollywood Theatre is available for events which are considered, based on the sole judgment of management, to be consistent with our mission and image. The space is not available for ceremonial events such as weddings, funerals, wakes, graduations, or religious services. Additionally, events that include a live band are discouraged, although acoustic musicians may be permissible provided that they play at a volume that doesn't interrupt the film-viewing experience of audiences in other auditoriums. Please notify us during your initial inquiry if your event will require performance by a musician.

To be considered for the Rental Program, please compile the following information:

  • Brief description of event, with estimated run time and number of attendees (please specify if any live performance and/or "red carpet" aspects are involved)
  • Links to any relevant websites or video clips
  • List of technical needs (i.e. type of media presented, microphones on stage, etc.)
  • Your preference for dates and/or times of the week
  • The name of the presenting organization or party, as well as any sponsoring or participating organizations or parties

and submit to connor [at] hollywoodtheatre [dot] org.