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Wyrd War Presents!

Wyrd War is a Portland-based record label and guerrilla action group, specializing in the advancement and celebration of strange and wonderful film, music, and art. Curated by internationally renowned underground artist Dennis Dread and his partner Meadow, the ongoing Wyrd War Presents! film series strikes where least expected to inspire, challenge, and titillate viewers with a decidedly darker sensibility. In their own words: “To the portrayal of bizarre beauty in the arts, to the delineation of the stranger harmonies and the rarer fragrances, do we dedicate Wyrd War…  Ever shall we attempt the vivid expression of such art, wherever or however we may find it – ever shall we consecrate our very weird war to the depiction of beauty anomalous, fantastical.” Keep it WYRD!


Rawhead Rex

Wyrd War proudly heralds the return of the pagan fear with this digitally restored official theatrical re-release of George Pavlou's maligned Brit...

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Saturday, September 23

Rocktober Blood

Wyrd War has partnered with directors Bev and Ferd Sebastian to present a very special theatrical screening of their cult slasher rock spectacle!
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Monday, October 16