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Fiscal Sponsorship for Independent Films

The Hollywood Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit offering fiscal sponsorship to approved Oregon-based film projects that both support the Hollywood’s mission and are actively seeking project funding.

Definition of Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal financial and legal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity establishes a pre-approved grant relationship with non-commercial groups engaged in activities that further its mission. Through this arrangement, the legal and tax-exempt status of the nonprofit is made available to the approved project for fundraising purposes, allowing the producers of the approved project to widen potential funding sources to include grants and donations available to nonprofit entities without starting their own nonprofit.

Who is eligible to apply for our Fiscal Sponsorship Program

The Hollywood Theatre has been fiscally sponsoring a variety of film projects since 2003, helping established, independent filmmakers create new, thoughtful works for the silver screen. The Hollywood Theatre also grants fiscal sponsorship to film festivals and other educational programs with missions appropriate to ours, to help support their work.

Our Program only considers applications from projects by seasoned filmmakers/film professionals with a proven track record creating a film (or film festival, educational program) from its inception, through successful distribution / engagement with the public.

Our program only sponsors non-commercial projects: no investors, promises of return on investment, arrangements of partial ownership, points on sales, etc. can be a part of any project sponsored by our Program.

Our Program strongly favors projects that have established leads on funding sources via grant and/or donations in place prior to their application, and can identify those sources to us at the time of application. Please note that our Program will not process payments or donations from crowdfunding campaigns.

Examples of recently completed Hollywood Theatre Fiscal Sponsored Project films include:
Samurai in the Sky
The Reluctant Radical
The Gospel of Eureka


Upon acceptance of fiscal sponsorship by the Hollywood, producers for the project may apply for grants available to nonprofit entities and solicit tax-deductible donations using the Hollywood’s umbrella. This additional fundraising ability opens doors to a multitude of granting opportunities, as well as providing an avenue for soliciting donations from individuals who may be persuaded to give substantial funds in exchange for a tax-deductible donation receipt.


Funds may not be solicited from sources where the Hollywood Theatre has other proposals pending without the Hollywood Theatre’s express approval.

If Producer undertakes any form of crowdsourcing fundraising campaign on behalf of the project (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) that process will be entirely separate from the fiscal sponsorship agreement. No funds raised via crowdsourcing will be processed by Hollywood Theatre.

As a Fiscal Sponsor, the Hollywood does not take any ownership of the project, nor infringe on creative control, copyright, or in any way prevent future sales or profit from the project once the fiscal sponsorship has concluded. The Hollywood seeks to be as non-intrusive as possible in monitoring projects, while assuring that the money raised is being properly disbursed and used for the project as intended. Sponsored projects are treated as separate legal entities that are responsible for their own tax returns, employment taxes, insurance, debts, liabilities and other legal obligations. Financial reporting to our Program is a required part of maintaining sponsored project status. Failure to meet reporting deadlines will result in termination of sponsorship.


The Hollywood Theatre staff delivers more than 30 years of combined experience in the independent film sector. Throughout project development, staff is available to discuss fundraising and film distribution strategies. The Hollywood will advise on proper use of non-profit funds and on reporting requirements for granting organizations. Additionally, staff is available to provide feedback on a rough-cut of the film.

Access to the Historic Hollywood Theatre

All Fiscal Sponsorship Projects have free access to the Hollywood Theatre for one event, which could be a fundraiser, casting call, other development event, or the premiere screening of the finished film.

Deadlines and Notifications

The Hollywood Theatre accepts Fiscal Sponsorship Project applications on a rolling basis and projects may be submitted for review at any time. Producers are strongly encouraged to contact the Hollywood prior to submitting an application to clarify any questions about the application process or project eligibility.

To apply, please download both our Guidelines/Application and Cover Sheet. By submitting an application to the Program, you agree to be legally bound by our Fiscal Sponsorship Project’s legal Agreement. A copy of the Agreement can be found here.

If you have additional questions, please contact Cable Wells at cable [at] hollywoodtheatre.org