Rerun Theater

Re-Run Theater

Re-Run Theater: The TV Party as Cinema. Movie theaters generally have the noble task of presenting feature length motion pictures current and repertoire as they are meant to be seen: on the big screen. We take shows originally intended for the small screen and make them bigger and louder than they’ve ever been shown before. Our primary goal is to exhibit classic, rare, oddball television, complete with commercial interruptions. You are actually transported back in time to an era and a mindset. Some of it is quite bizarre, particularly when remembering that this was all designed and approved to be on network television, broadcast to American homes. 

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Star Trek - Scorpion

Re-Run Theater presents the most popular episode of the THIRD series set in the 24th century: STAR TREK - VOYAGER.

Trapped in the Delta Quadrant almost 100,00...

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Wednesday, January 31