Day of the Dead

Adam Charles Hart, author of Raising the Dead : The Work of George A. Romero in attendance. Copies of the book will be for sale in the lobby.

George Romero's Day of the Dead started out as an epic on a massive scale - “the Gone with the Wind of zombie movies” - but it ended up as something else: an intimate and claustrophobic masterpiece that satirizes and attacks the macho militarism of the Reagan 1980s. Set long after civilization has fallen to the zombie hordes, Day follows the inhabitants of an army outpost deep underground as they grow increasingly violent and wild, with their own survival and the survival of humanity taking a back seat to petty grievances and prejudices and pointless power struggles.

About Raising the Dead: George A. Romero is beloved among horror fans for making some of the greatest genre films in the history of cinema, but his imagination was so much richer and more diverse… we just never knew about it. Romero wrote hundreds of drafts that never made it to screen, covering every genre under the sun, including some of his most vital, creative work. In Raising the Dead, author Adam Charles Hart excavates that remarkable archive, showing for the first time the full range of a restless, ambitious genius who never let the film industry limit his imagination, and who continually reinvented and reshaped horror to fit the kinds of movies he was driven to make.

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George Romero
102 mins
Wheelchair accessible
Open Captions (subtitles)


Thursday, May 2