Hollywood Theatre at PDX International Airport

In partnership with the Port of Portland, the Hollywood Theatre has opened a first-of-its-kind free 22-seat microcinema at Portland International Airport, showcasing short films by Pacific Northwest filmmakers. The airport microcinema is located after security in the airport's C Concourse.

Are you a filmmaker interested in having your work shown? To be considered, films must be 10 minutes or shorter in length and appropriate for a general audience. Films must be created by a Pacific Northwest artist or feature issues relating to Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. Learn more!

Current Program: Fall 2023

Arlo Sings the Blues

Arlo Sings the Blues by R.J. Sullivan

Arlo is a delusional cat who loves to sing all night long. Is he practicing or is he annoying? Hmmm… I guess that depends on who you ask.


Welcome to Airway Science for Kids by Hungry Mantis

Airway Science for Kids is a nonprofit with a mission to remove barriers for children and youth who have been systematically excluded from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education and careers.

03_Impromtopolis Marketing Image.png

Impromtopolis by John Pfeil

Portland architecture as if prompted by the spirit of the moment.


Robot Alley by Here Is Oregon

Robot Alley is both an art installation and a security system located in Portland, Oregon. The collection of interactive probe droids and robots is stationed outside of artist Robert Fortney’s studio… Approach with caution.

05_The Warmth.jpg

The Warmth by Holly Andres

Has anyone ever made you wanna change your life, jump a fence and run after them? The Warmth is about finding love and that certain someone that makes you feel like the sun is always shining down upon you.

Welcome In.png

Welcome In by Philip A. Robinson Jr. and John Irvine

"Welcome In" serves to Represent those who have never felt welcomed.  You are seen.  Presented in partnership with Port of Portland's art exhibit Old Talks with New Icons, featuring the work of artist Philip A. Robinson Jr.

07_THRUM YT Thumb.png

*Thrum by Josh Gaines

When Josh is visited in his apartment by a most-unexpected celestial guest, he is tasked with a three-part challenge that is both mysterious and dire. THRUM is a comedic short film that breaks the fourth wall as well as narrative convention, and blends humor with a dash of profundity and kindness towards self.


Oregon Experience: Oregon Launches “People First” by Oregon Public Broadcasting

More than forty years ago, a small group of Oregon teenagers with developmental disabilities helped launch a global self-advocacy movement. Together they formed the organization People First, drawing over 500 attendees to the group’s inaugural meeting. That 1974 conference is generally thought to be the beginning of the developmental disabilities self-advocacy movement. Today, People First is an international organization dedicated to supporting all people with disabilities in over 40 countries.


The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation

Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan Schnitzer

Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust, Fund for Lifelong Learning

Clark Foundation

09_peanut lover still.jpg

Peanut Lover by Owen Ellis Asch

Peanut Lover is a short documentary about the attempted recreation of

a discontinued flavor of Chex Mix. In addition to trying to remake it,

the subject recounts memories of the lost flavor and their emotional

connection to it.

10_Make it to Texas - Promotional Image.jpg

Make It to Texas by Crab Nite

Charlie, a new Portland transplant, receives an ominous message from his mother back in Texas. Something weird is happening, and it’s spreading. Originally produced for Movie Madness’s 48 Hour Film Festival.

new idols

Old Talks with New Icons by Philip A. Robinson Jr. and Paulie Mars

Presented in partnership with Port of Portland's art exhibit Old Talks with New Icons, featuring the work of artist Philip A. Robinson Jr.


REBELWISE - Cao Xango by Seven Vision Studios

Collaboration across 3 continents featuring Xamada singing in Portuguese in honor of one of the primary warriors of Yoruban spirituality: Xangô the God of Thunder, drum and dance. Also featuring dancer Oluyinka Akinjiola (Nigeria) and emcees Mic Crenshaw (Portland), Pharaoh The 47 (Los, Nigeria) and Quincy Davis (Neo Vechi, Portland).

13_LIVEWIRE_STILL_1.1 copy.jpg

A doomed love story between two obsolete robots.

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