Gummo in 35mm

Sat, May 11 at 9:30PM

Main Auditorium - Wheelchair Accessible

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Come see the notoriously grimy 90s cult classic GUMMO on 35mm! GUMMO follows the disaffected residents of Xenia, Ohio, a town obliterated by a tornado and forgotten by society. Named the worst film of 1997 by the New York Times, Gummo defies all film conventions and invents its own cinematic language, throwing away plot and focusing more on character-driven vignettes. Though the film is full of disturbing and often repulsing content - including, but certainly not limited to, bigotry, hedonism, nihilism and sexual perversion - it has a certain life-affirming charm and sweetness underneath its grimy exterior, showing compassion for many of its characters and their situations rather than exploiting their misfortunes for cheap shock value. Come for the filth, leave knowing that “life is great - without it, you’d be dead."

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