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Grime Time is a late-night series that showcases some of the gnarliest spectacles of filmic depravity. Ranging from grisly arthouse shockers to bottom-of-the-barrel SOV horror, nothing is off-limits and no budget is too low! Some films explored in this series already live on in infamy, while many others deserve the spotlight after being cast aside due to their gruesome nature and/or perceived lack of value to film canon. Grime Time celebrates a plethora of films, both domestic and international, that may be deemed as cinematic excrement and revel in the beauty of blood, guts and grime.



Trouble Every Day

Saturday, March 2, 9:30 PM

Witness visionary filmmaker Claire Denis’s most polarizing and gut-wrenching film on the big screen! American newlyweds Dr. Shane and June Brown (Vincent Gallo and Tricia Vessey) travel to Paris for …