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MMU Online: Members Only Archive


Movie Madness University Online is the Hollywood Theatre's virtual education program, featuring lectures and interactive discussions about some of your favorite films. As an exclusive member benefit, we're pleased to offer you access to our archive of past MMU programs. Programs are uploaded to the archive 4-6 weeks after the live event.

To find out about current MMU offerings, featuring interactive discussions and "homework" reading/viewing suggestions provided by instructors, visit Members always get a discount!


Instructor Kia Geraths takes a deep dive into Joe Dante’s 1989 cult classic THE BURBS. Watch now.

Suspiria mmu

Hollywood Community Programmer Anthony Hudson explores Luca Guadagnino's 2018 remake of SUSPIRIA. Featuring a Q&A with screenwriter David Kajganich. Watch now.

Romy & Michelle.jpg

In this "Extra Credit" bonus segment, Anthony Hudson is joined in discussion by Robin Schiff, creator of ROMY & MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. Watch now.

MMU Hard Day's Night promo_sm.jpg

Author and film critic Shawn Levy hosts this seminar on the 1964 Beatles film A HARD DAY’S NIGHT. Watch now.

MMU Chinese Boxer promo_sm.jpg

Hollywood Theatre Head Programmer Dan Halsted discusses the 1970 film Hong Kong action film THE CHINESE BOXER, directed by and starring Jimmy Wang Yu. Watch now.


Ted Hurliman examines the origins, influences, and reception of Hitchcock's most famous film. Watch now.