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Portland EcoFilm Festival

The Portland EcoFilm Festival is the premier environmental film festival in the US Pacific Northwest, showcasing the very best films about nature, the environment, outdoor pursuits, and eco-conscious living. The fest features an annual four-day festival and a year-round film series.

Hosted in the greenest city in the US, we show the very best eco-films being produced today, help filmmakers by building support for their films as they are being released into public view, and connect audiences to films that inspire environmental advocacy and appreciation!

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Women Working for the Wild

The Portland EcoFilm Festival, Crag Law Center and the Mazamas present WOMEN WORKING FOR THE WILD: an evening of films about women working to protect wild places! Includes a post-film panel discussion about efforts to secure protection for wild forests and drinking water supplies on the historic north side of Mt. Hood at Cooper Spur.

Films include the Portland premieres of:

MAIDEN OF THE MOUNTAIN - about legendary activist Kate McCarthy, who played a key role in protecting Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge
OPERATION MOFFAT - about Britain's first female climbing guide, Gwen Moffat
WATER SONG - about Peruvian farmer Máxima Acuña, who stopped the Conga gold mine
SAGEBRUSH SISTERS - about the 50 mile hike of three Oregonian women, ages 65 - 80, along the pronghorn antelope migration route between Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
THINK LIKE A SCIENTIST: BOUNDARIES - about conservation photographer Krista Schyler, who documents the environmental impact of the U.S./Mexico border wall

More info on films at Portland EcoFilm Festival.

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Monday 08/17/15



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