16mm Oddball Comedy Night

Series: Repressed Cinema

Repressed Cinema curator Ian Sundahl digs deep into his 16mm vault to bring his favorite oddball comedy films to the Hollywood for one night of laughs, from greats to unknowns. You will see:

  • Doodles Weaver play three different characters in one film
  • "Why Not" man Dayton Allen make jokes about party games via stock footage
  • drag queen "male actress" Charles Pierce do a stand up set live from a San Francisco club
  • Ed Mcwatters'(star of Ray Dennis Steckler's Lemon Grove Kids) bizarre live action send up of Wiley Coyote cartoons
  • an appearance from Buster Keaton
  • a rare 1970's sitcom with plenty of canned laughter
  • and Repressed Cinema's favorite comedy film of all time will be played: the standup duo of Byrnes and Patti, where every joke has the same punchline!

    Underground Comix for sale in the lobby, as usual.