2012 : The End?

Is the end of the Mayan calendar the end of the world? Will a solar flare end our civilization? Pehaps the Nephilim will return and harvest their planted crop, humanity?

Were the Mayans once part of an advanced civilization spread around the world? DId this civilization build the megalithic stone structures we find containing stones weighing more than 1,000 tons which no modern machine can even lift? Or did Aliens help man construct these incredible buildings?

If the Mayans did predict disaster should we listen to their warning because they were more advanced than we believe, or recipients of ancient knowledge?

Or did the Mayans prophesy something besides disaster on 12/21/2012? is that date the dawn of a new era in mankind's evolution? Join brothers and film makers Sean and Louie Paul on this fascinating journey as they solve the mystery of the Mayans.

Listen to some of the most noted Mayan experts discuss their theories; George Noory, Alberto Haggar, Sean David Morton, Raul Morelos Jill St. James, Clyde Lewis, Jordan Maxwell, William Henry, Sarah Mijares, John Major Jenkins, Charles Ostman, Brooks Agnew, Mike Bara, Barbar Hand Clow, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Mark Van Stone, Carl Johan Calleman, and Ray Kurzweil, provide incredible insights into the meaning of the end of the Mayan calendar and mankind's future far past this date.

You'll be amazed at the similarity in predictions for our future from such diverse authors as Dr. Calleman and Ray Kurzweil, a noted futurist in and inventor. Kurzweil's predictions of life in the future will stun you, until you learn that the Mayans actually foresaw this coming long ago.



Monday, December 17