A Message Of Love In A Time Of Fear

Portland artist Larry Yes presents “A Message of Love in a Time of Fear," an evening of breathing sound and moving light. Expect a "now-ist," surrealist re-visitation of a '60s psychedelic liquid light show with a soundtrack of open-ended and soothing folk-like sonic explorations. 

Featuring the liquid light of installation artist William Rihel and all-instrumental performances by Michael Hurley (the grand pappy of free-folk), The Optimist Club (understated experimental landscape primitive guitar), and Nat Hulskamp (Oud, Flamenco Guitar).

"This is an invitation to breathe, sit back, relax and take in a moment of visual and melodic contemplation coming from a place of love. This is a Message of love and hope for all the creatures of the universe. If you listen you will hear and if you look it will find you. Love is the message. The message is Love." - Larry Yes

Passed accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.

Larry Yes
90 min
Assistive Listening