Acting Up: Taking a Stand in Troubled Times

Being authentic can be political; this is something intersectional (queer) folk understand. Just by being, unfolding, loving, breathing, queerness is something often policed, judged and thus sacrificed. In our most international block of films, we explore through the delight of language, the power of documentation, the joy of our humor, and surrender to the things we cannot control.

Selected Films
Como hojas por el viento / As Leaves in the Wind (Spain)
Femme (Australia)
Fernanda  (USA)
Flag Act (USA)
Good Ally x MMDA (USA)
Homofónia (Ireland)
Love is Hell (UK)
Making Waves (Ireland)
نِضال / Nidhal (Tunisia)
One Slight Change (Iran)
Otrávená studňa / Poisoned Well (Slovakia)
Rockland Palace (USA)

Wheelchair accessible


Sunday, April 7