Takashi Makino: Expanded Abstraction

Join us for an evening with filmmaker Takashi Makino!

Takashi Makino is an experimental filmmaker who lives and works in Tokyo. One of Japan’s most prolific and adventurous filmmakers, Takashi Makino is known for hallucinatory, non-linear short films using experimental multiple exposure techniques.  “Rather than making films with my own imposed structure, my method is to abandon structure altogether or, in other words, layer images that once embodied meaning on top of one another until they become unintelligible...so that my films become triggers for an audience to venture into their own imagination….  What fascinates me most about film expression is the potential for what is presented on the screen to collide with each individual viewer’s emotional landscape, and the new ‘image’ created inside the viewer’s mind resulting from this collision.”  Tonight he presents three of his acclaimed, award-winning short films—CINEMA CONCRET (23 minutes), THE PICTURE FROM DARKNESS (37 minutes), and ON GENERATION AND CORRUPTION (26 minutes)—accompanied by a post-film Q&A.

This program is made possible through the generous support of The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.