Animated Christmas 4

Presented on glorious 16mm film and Vintage VHS , another multi colored and layered mosaic of rich Christmas fables from yesteryear. Instead of the classic holiday fare most are familiar with, we have hand picked the more obscure, rare gems of Christmases past including:

Holidayland – A young boy is led into a dream where he visits various holidays.

The Little King: Christmas Night – A Little King shows generosity to the unfortunate on Christmas Day.

Mickey Plays Santa Claus – A basket of kittens wreaks havoc on the household of Mickey Mouse.

The Twelve Days of Christmas – An animated version of the famous song and each of the gifts.

Nestor: The Long Eared Donkey – One of the more rarely seen Rankin & Bass stop motion animations about ridiculed donkey who ends up playing a very important role on the very first Christmas.

The Snowman – A snowman comes to life and takes a young boy on an amazing journey around the world.

PLUS a few more beautiful pieces.

This program is Rated G, however some material may not be for very young or highly impressionable children.


Saturday, December 19