Animated Christmas V

Another collection of holiday short films and specials from longtime Hollywood Theatre curators Greg Hamilton and Nick Wells, now celebrating its fifth annual installment.

The afternoon's feature will be “Jack Frost,” a Rankin/Bass stop motion where the title character becomes human for a few days because he has fallen in love.

The program will also feature “A Cosmic Christmas,” about a young boy who meets three Magi like aliens searching for the meaning of Christmas; “The Great Toy Robbery,” in which Santa is robbed by bandits and rescued by an incompetent sheriff; “Mickey Plays Santa Claus," about a basket of kittens that wreaks havoc on the household of Mickey Mouse; “Ski For Two," where Woody Woodpecker tries to steal a meal from a ski lodge by impersonating Santa; and "A Christmas Gift” from Will Vinton studios, in which a poor boy discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

16mm, Digital
103 minutes