B Movie Bingo - Invasion USA

Tuesday, July 7 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

Chuck Norris is Matt Hunter, one-man army and solo defender of America's precious freedom after she is invaded for the first time in her history. A rag-tag army of terrorist mercenaries led by Soviet agent Rostov (Richard Lynch) catches America unprepared and makes her a war zone from sea to shining sea. Only one man can stem the rising tide of violence and free the American people from the tyranny of the streets and skies. Chuck Norris blazes onto the screen, his twin Uzis spitting death and destruction to the enemies of freedom.

The heavy action goes from airboats to armored cars, as bazooka-bearing terrorists meet the savage resistance of Matt Hunter leading the United States army into a hell of guerrilla warfare on
suburban streets, shopping malls and even in the sanctuaries of our churches. Firepower explodes in mega-ton fury and death-defying stunts escalate the action to a heart-stopping climax when Matt Hunter, America's dooms-day weapon, launches his final plan.



Wednesday, July 8