Burial Ground: Nights of Terror

On Tuesday September 20th at 7:30, the Grindhouse Film Festival presents a rare 35mm print of the Italian horror classic Burial Ground: Nights of Terror!

Burial Ground: Nights of Terror (1981) The king of the Italian zombie gut munchers!  A group of vacationers visit an old isolated manor.  Unfortunately, a professor has recently opened a crypt on the property, unleashing a horde of vicious zombies.  Time for the blood to flow and the guts to spill.  Also, in the strangest casting decision in cinema history, a thirtysomething young man plays a ten year old child with an Oedipus complex.  Extreme sleaze, gruesome gore, and Italian weirdness run rampant, all accompanied by a groovy synthesized soundtrack.

35mm Italian horror trailers before the movie.



Wednesday, September 21