CAN Double Feature

Series: Sonic Cinema

Sonic Cinema presents a special night paying tribute to legendary German drummer Jaki Liebezeit!

Drummer and founding member of the pioneering German krautrock band CAN, Jaki Liebezeit (who passed away on January 22 at age 78), was often called half man, half machine. He was able to incorporate a range of moods and styles into his playing, from African and funk rhythms to violent thrashing grooves, while always maintaining meticulous rhythmic control. This double feature tribute to Jaki includes CAN: The Documentary, a 1999 film featuring interviews with band members and live performances, followed by CAN's legendary “Free Concert,” recorded in Cologne’s Sporthalle on February 3, 1972.  Not simply a concert film, it is a blend of a concert film and a documentary, with footage of CAN during the "Tago Mago" sessions and in an airport, doing a soundcheck before the show. 

Sponsored by XRAY FM, Music Millennium and Lagunitas Brewing.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass