Casa Vieja


Cuba | 2010 | 95 min.
Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Lester Hamlet

Upon learning that his father is on his deathbed, Esteban travels from Barcelona back to his native Cuba after an absence of fourteen years to be with his family in their time of grieving. But in his childhood home he encounters a past that has not changed: old family secrets, resentments and unresolved misunderstandings make time itself an apparent prisoner of the old house.

Lester Hamlet was born in Havana, Cuba in 1971. He has worked as a film editor, writer, cinematographer and music producer. He codirected Tres veces dos (2004), which won the Silver Zenith for First Fiction Feature Film at the 28th Montreal World Film Festival. He was the film editor for La edad de la peseta, directed by Pavel Giroud (2006), which was selected in a number of international film festivals including the 5th Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, and won the Best Film Award at the Cartagena Film Festival. His forthcoming second feature film as a director, Fabula, is a Canadian co-production.


Monday, October 24