Church of FIlm Greatest Hits Collage

Thursday, March 19 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

Mississippi Records Presents:
with live music accompaniment

A film collage prepared by the curatorial team at the Church of film with live soundtrack by some of Mississippi Records favorite musicians!  The film is a winding piece of madness - weaving together all kinds of scenes from all kinds of films on themes like nature, death, sex, war and much more.  Not for the faint of heart or spirit...

The films will be accompanied by live score work from the following individuals, each musician chiming in separately throughout the program -

Marisa Anderson - A truly great guitarist who plays in a style all here own. One of Portland's finest musical treasures.
Jason Bokros - Local shadowy figure who will be playing a beautiful Harmonium solo piece.
Dragging an Ox through Water - Singer/songwriter and soundscapist Brian Mumford's beautiful sounding music combines musique concrete and pretty songs in a surprisingly sensible way
Michael Hurley - Local legendary singer songwriter who has over 26 records to his credit and has wrote some of the finest songs in the world.
Millions of Brazilians - Exotica avante guarde mystical music that is impossible to classify.

There will also be two short films.  An evening of psychedelic entertainment not to be missed!



Friday, March 20