Concessions Pickup

Select your snacks, sign up for a one-hour pickup window, and grab them (from a distance) from the Hollywood!


–Vino Package $20–
One large tub of popcorn (specify butter or unbuttered), two boxes of candy, 750ml of Guild Red Wine (a Syrah-based blend) or Whoa Nelly White Wine (Pino Blanc) in a 32-ounce Movie Madness growler!

–Double Mountain Package $20–
One large tub of popcorn (specify butter or unbuttered), two boxes of candy, two 500ml bottles of Double Mountain Beer (Beer options: Hop Lion IPA or Kolsch)

–Hollywood at Home Package $15–
One large tub of popcorn (specify butter or unbuttered), two boxes of candy, two bottles of Boylan soda

–A la carte items–

  • Popcorn (For our Director members and up, you can receive your complimentary member popcorn by logging in at your chosen showtime and selecting the "Popcorn - Member Bag.")
  • Bob's Red Mill Nutritional Yeast
  • Beer and Cider
  • Soda
  • Candy
  • Merchandise

Important - Please read all info below

You will have the opportunity to select beverage choice and butter choice during the checkout process, as well as choose a one-hour pickup window. There will also be a place for other comments (Please state your candy preferences in the comments field). We have limited stock but will try our best to accommodate. MUST PRESENT ID ON PICKUP FOR ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.

This is designed to be a zero-contact transaction. Once you place your order through our online system, you can pick it up at the front door of the theatre during the designated window. Markers will be placed on the sidewalk to allow for six feet of space between customers waiting in line. Once it is your turn, we will confirm your order number and place it on a table for you to pick up.

All staff and volunteers will be utilizing Personal Protective Equipment throughout the pickup window, as well as during any preparation and clean-up. We will be wearing masks and we respectfully require that you also wear a mask when you come to pick up your order. We also request that conversations between staff and customers that do not pertain to your pickup order are kept to a minimum. We expect to see many familiar faces during this period, and we would love to catch up and check in with you, but the goal is to minimize exposure to one another while getting your concessions order to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our Director of Theatre Operations.


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