Exploding Mind! Abstract/Experimental

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Throw out the rules of traditional filmmaking! Inspired animation architects build hovering fourth-dimensional forms. Morphing imaginations teeter between the psychedelic and psychotic. Spiritual insights beyond the grasp of words coalesce into truly original aesthetic experience. Dizzying but never dull — do you dare touch the exploding mind?

Here's some of what you'll see: A bestiary of dream-like monsters convene to gamble for pieces of their souls in a benighted wood. A mischievous poet demonstrates nine outside-the-box stratagems for drawing the human figure. One-eared rabbit-men, a secret society of magicians, and a family of scarlet-robed illuminati all compete for a young girl's loyalty. A dancing matrix of colorful organic shapes melt, splash, and recongeal, joyously splicing architecture and improvisation. The hidden interiors of household objects are gradually revealed and atomized with a radial grinding tool. In a neon-glitch retelling of "Ugly the Cat," CG animation is deliberately corrupted in order to help liberate us from an unkind perfection, thus freeing the cosmic and spiraling spirit of humanity!

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

97 mins
Wheelchair accessible