FILMUSIK presents "STARMAN: Attack of the Evil Brain From Outer Space"

In their upcoming Late Night performance, FILMUSIK is hosting Sound Designer and Musician Heather Perkins .

On September 9th and 10th she’ll be presenting her live soundscape for the performance from her entire studio of instruments, gadgets and obscure Ukranian noise-making toys from the  50's.

STARMAN: A monstrous evil brain from outer space leads his minions on a crusade to conquer the universe, and unleashes hideous monsters on Earth that spread deadly diseases. Superhero Starman must rescue Earth from the menace of the evil brain while battling armies of monsters the brain sends against him.

FILMUSIK LATE NIGHT: Starman – Attack of the Evil Brain from Outer Space
September 9th and 10th- 10pm
Hollywood Theatre – $12
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Based out of Portland, Oregon. FILMUSIK is a collaborative performance group of musicians, composers and actors creating a unique movie experience by performing a new soundtrack for classic films live in the pit.

Whether it’s a vocal chorus wailing away to a spaghetti western gunfight, voice actors dubbing the cartoon characters of Gulliver’s Travels or sound effects (foley) artists smashing crates together for a Japanese monster invasion, seeing professional performers creating sound for the movies live makes for an unforgettable experience.


Sunday, September 11