Julia Calabrese

Series: FutureForum

Monday, June 13 at 7:00pm  |  FREE  |

Pulsar presents Future Forum with Julia Calabrese.

FutureForum is an informal artist talk series focused on
audience-artist interaction held at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland,
OR. Join us for mind-bending, circuit-melting discussions on the
future of art and invention lead by groundbreaking media-artists from
around the country. Bring your family, coworkers, Tinder dates, or
just your curious self for wild nights of 3D printing, virtual world
building, hacked appliances, sorcery, and more!

Julia Calabrese is a visual and performing artist based in Portland,
OR. She received a degree in Fine Arts from Alfred University where
she studied mixed media, ceramic sculpture and performance. In 2014,
Calabrese, alongside collaborator Emily Bernstein received a Precipice
Fund Grant to create The Cosmic Serpent, a teleplay filmed and
produced at Portland Community Media studios and aired on their public
access channels. As well as creating and performing her own movement
pieces, Julia creates short movement sketches on Instagram. Calabrese
is currently working on a short comedic piece with Emily Bernisten
(through PCM) to be shown as part of the 2016 Portland Biennale.



Tuesday, June 14