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Series: Cinema Classics

In honor of the president’s birthday on June 14, Cinema Classics presents George Cukor's classic thriller GASLIGHT in 35mm! The Sunday screening is free for Hollywood Theatre members.

GASLIGHT (1944): After the death of her aunt, a famous opera singer, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) is sent to Italy to study opera as well. There she falls in love with and marries the charming Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer). The two return to London to live in the house Paula has inherited from her aunt, and Paula begins to notice strange goings-on: missing pictures, footsteps in the night, and gas lights that dim without being touched. As she fights to retain her sanity, a mysterious stranger arrives on the scene (Joseph Cotten), and her new husband's intentions come into question.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.  

Director George Cukor
Year 1944
Runtime 114 mins
Starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten
Format 35mm
Assistive Listening Available


Sunday, June 04