Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an extremely rare 35mm print of this underrated 70’s counterculture crime masterpiece. A tribute to director Michael Cimino.

THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT (1974) Seven years after a daring bank robbery, the group of thieves temporarily put aside their mistrust of each other to repeat the crime after they are unable to find the hidden loot from the original heist. A hardened criminal (Clint Eastwood) and an irresponsible young drifter (Jeff Bridges) form an uneasy alliance against the rest of the dangerous thieves. Stylish, action packed, hilarious and ultra-bizarre, this was the directorial debut of Michael Cimino (THE DEER HUNTER). One of the great, overlooked American films of the 1970’s, don’t miss this incredibly rare big screen appearance!

35mm 70’s exploitation trailers before the movie!


Wednesday, August 24