Grindhouse Trailer Apocalypse

Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an all-new lineup of classic 35mm horror and exploitation trailers that we’ve never played before! Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

Climb aboard the exploitation starship as we travel to the outer reaches of cinematic insanity! In the 1970s and 80’s, distributors trying to creatively sell strange movies in over-saturated markets unwittingly created some of the most mind-blowing pieces of cinema to ever rip through a film projector. This is a lineup of the best of these movie previews, presented on 35mm. All the wildest scenes, strangest taglines, and oddball promotional gimmicks crammed into two minute cinematic rollercoaster rides. We’ll see Italian horror, Satanic horror, blaxploitation, sexploitation, hicksploitation, revenge films and so much more. Buckle up for the insanity, this is guaranteed to work the crowd into a mouth-foaming frenzy.


Wednesday, June 24