Happy Heroes

47th Cinema presents rare 16mm prints of 1960's comic book TV!

Comic books in the middle sixties. Federico Fellini loved them, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein were using comic imagery in their work and Pop Art was a phrase on everyone's lips. Television producers heard the word and exploited it by creating several new animated and live action TV shows based on the comics, adapting them with their glib version of the Pop Art sensibility.

On glorious 16mm film (and in vibrating primary colors), we have a mixed group of comically square good guys: The God of Thunder has a romantic rivalry with another god visiting earth, your friendly neighborhood web swinger fights a polite lady from outer space and the caped crusader enters a surfing contest. Vintage super commercials are mixed in throughout.

Beat the August heat with these cool chunks of 1960's nonsense!


Wednesday, August 31