High Eagle

Series: Rental Event

HIGH EAGLE is the story of a Native American who looked up at the moon as a boy and received a vision that he would one day help mankind land on the lunar surface, an idea so preposterous at the time it was considered science fiction. This is the story of Jerry Elliott High Eagle, the first Native American rocket scientist ever hired at NASA, and the sacrifices and triumphs he endured to make his vision a reality.

This is an exclusive preview event, with a live musical performance and Q&A with the director Sebastian Rogers. Directly after the film, audience members will be expected to fill out a short (10 min.) survey rating the film and suggesting improvements for the final cut. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to influence art in the making!

Jerry Elliott High Eagle is born in Oklahoma, the place where the remnant of his people were left at the end of the Trail of Tears. He suffers prejudice and disrespect as he journeys towards his destiny: a vision God has given him, so that he will help man land on the moon. As the first rocket scientist of Native American heritage ever hired at NASA, he fulfills his destiny (even receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom for helping save the Apollo 13 crew from disaster), before going on to reopen the eyes of White America to the existence of First Nation people by writing the legislation for Native American Awareness Week, which we celebrate to this day.

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